It has come and gone. I can't believe it's been a year. 
The Davis family Christmas Art Exchange has passed and all the masterpieces are being revealed. 
I was assigned to create for: Christine!
My sophisticated and cultured sister in the Netherlands. 
And since I don't make it out there to visit very often, I had to guess what colors would best compliment her house. She likes it so I must have done ok. 

Here's what I made:
A tiny chest of drawers
(only about eight inches tall)

And here's how I made it:

Pick your object. I picked the drawers (of course). It was really inexpensive at Hobby Lobby, especially with a %40 off coupon from their website. Sand that sucker, a lot better than I did. 

Paint your base color. I picked a greyish off white and it took two coats. A cheap acrylic craft paint will work fine. And I like to leave some of the wood exposed if possible, usually on the inside. 
I didn't do that here but I wish I had. 

Pick the design you would like to apply. I had some Russian folk floral patterns I had done a while back which was perfect for my sister... right up her ally. Another fun idea if you want suggestions: monograms...  Could be cool to personalize it. But you can print any words, shapes or patterns off you computer. 

Buy carbon transfer paper, found in the drafting/drawing section of any art or craft store. (You can see I've reused mine a lot). And if you don't want to buy it, you could always just rub lead from your pencil all over the backside of the image you want to transfer. Place image where you want to apply it on your object and tape in place. 

Trace the outlines of each shape with a ballpoint pent. Use a pen that is a visible color so you can see where you drew. Remove image. 

Paint in your design! This is the fun part but it takes a while so if you're not committed, you might want to pick something less complex and that doesn't have too many fine lines. 

Polish it off by spraying it with a coat of varnish. I like a high gloss finish because it makes the colors bright, like they're wet. I use Krylon Crystal Clear high gloss varnish, in a spray can. 

Once it dries, it's done and beautiful!

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