You know it's my favorite time of year! I love love love the holidays, and since I'm obsessed with ghosts and all things scary, Halloween is on my mind long before October. Some friends of mine and I were feeling festive but it was too early to carve pumpkins without them spoiling before the big day, so we opted for a more fine arts approach.

The large one is a real pumpkin. But I liked the way it turned out so much that I decided to make a few more that would last longer. The two little ones are foam pumpkins from the dollar store.

Two $1 pumpkins + $1 Cream craft paint + $1 black craft paint=
two awesome patchwork pumpkins for $4!

Thirteen frightful steps to painted patchwork pumpkins:

 Paint two pumpkins with cream color craft paint. Do two coats to completely cover the orange of the pumpkin.

 Using a fine brush, paint black lines on the pumpkin, dividing it into 11 unique shapes. Make sure the lines are clean and solid (former art teacher coming out of me).

Paint a spiderweb:
Paint fine black sunburst stripes. Connect the lines together with curved webbing.

Polka dot it!

Paint in some fishnet:
Paint fine diagonal stripes, paint diagonal stripes at a hard angle to create diamond shapes.
Paint some spooky spiders:
Paint watermelon seeds. Add eight legs to each.
Make it creepier with some skulls:
Paint narrow semi circles in a row (looks like teeth). Paint the bottom of each semicircle into a skeleton jaw.  Add teeth, eye sockets and nose cavities.

Add in some fun little ghosts:
Paint in ghost silhouettes. Fill in extra space with black paint. Paint in mouths and eyes.

Add bold horizontal stripes.

Paint in pointy bat silhouettes.


Finish up with some fine lined chevrons and sunburst stripes. 
Some other fun patterns to add in are:
eyes, moon & stars, bones, words, bold vertical stripes or bold chevrons.

Spray them with a high gloss varnish. It makes the blacks look wet black. I like Krylon Clear Glaze. Spray it outside though because it stinks! I elevated the pumpkins off my drop cloth (trash bag) by resting them on some small Tupperware lids. 



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