Long time coming...

No excuses.
I have been slow in producing work these days.
I guess summer break from work (teaching) = summer break from work (everything else).

But i'll let you in on a secret. This is a personal project. And it's not done yet.
Acrylic on Canvas
2.5' x 4'

We wanted purple and blue to match our room. Fat suggested religious content. I wanted pattern because I have been inspired by Klimt lately.

Fat's had the painting bug lately.

This is his masterpiece. He loves contour line drawing (and cats!). So do I.
He's amazing.

Early stages...enlarged from original drawings in my sketchbook.

In the process. I need a studio.

Experimenting with colors. I'm still not committed entirely.

I'll keep you updated.


  1. cool!! I had no idea it was so big til I saw you with it at the bottom. Ryan's drawing is da bomb. I kind of hate you guys. I'm sure you understand. (It's jealousy.)

  2. Hi! I love it all. And loving the yummy pattern effect. I love that you can do it soooo well. Love Klimt. Love you guys. Love Cats. Love Ryans cats. Um, thats a lot of love. Feel free to frame my photoshopped work of you guys.
    XO Janean

  3. Sorry I am such a stalker- but my sister just suggested your work to me and she was right- you are awesome. I love this image and your technique. So talented. -Dayna Snow