IF: Diary

I kept a diary for most of my teenage years.
It was full of nonsense.
It's embarrassing to read. Really.
So I thought depicting the home that was the setting for 3/4 of my life would represent more meaningful memories. I have way too many to write in each room.

Acrylic on Panel
2' x 2'

Text Reads: (From top left around to bottom left)
Our House #64
Two parents, seven kids
Bedroom: In my earliest memories this room was PEACH. It belonged to my big sisters. I'd sneak in here a lot and sneak away some of their stuff.
Bedroom:Most years this was the boys room. It has a huge outer space mural that covered one whole wall. It was in this room that I experienced the Northridge earthquake of '94.
Railing: My brother got my head stuck in this railing. But he didn't want to get caught so he left me.
Mom's study: (I spent) countless hours in my moms office talking to my friends on IM. She finally put a limit on how much time I could spend doing that.
Mom & Dad's Room: We didn't go in much, be we could usually find our birthday presents behind the bog tan chair.
Chimney: Christmas Eve is the only day of the year we lit the fireplace.
Cat: We didn't know Shadow's birthday when we got him so we made his birthday the same day as my little sister. But after a while, he never came home.
Family Room: I spent more time in the family room than anywhere else. But the most significant times weren't that long ago. . . In this room, I spent days with my soon-to-be husband as we were dating. We hung out here up until the day we were married. Now our wedding picture hangs on this wall too. . . Along with all six of my siblings. This is my favorite room.
Kitchen: I can still hear my mom singing along with James Taylor on the CD player as she cooked dinner every night. Each of us were assigned a dish day once we reached the age of seven. With seven kids in the family, we had the week pretty well covered.
Dinning Room: My dad made the dinning room table into his office. He liked to be near where the action was.
Living Room: The tallest ceiling in the house. We used to throw tennis balls up into the very corner to get down the spiderwebs. We weren't really allowed to play in here. . . it was moms nice room. . . almost all white. So you can imagine she wasn't very happy when she found the drawings I did on the back of her couches.
Outside wall: We loved to play handball on this wall. . . made it pretty noisy inside though.


  1. This is a really lovely snapshot of some special things in your life, a very interesting read and the illustration is wonderful.

  2. I loved the part of drawing on the back of your parent's couches. Adorable!

  3. Ok, so I want my stuff back. Love the painting! What an accurate sample of our family life!